3+ reasons to visit Istria

We were lucky to be born in Croatia in Istria and to have come to love this region, these cities, and people for many reasons. If you are a lover of culture, I am sure that you will also love Istria. But there are also plenty of places to visit and attractions ideal for a great family day out, and active holiday fanatics won’t be disappointed either…

So, if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, we’ve written it all down for you in this blog, and the classic ‘5 best reasons to visit…’ countdown begins.

5. Sports activities for everyone

Istria is full of different sports content and everyone can find something different, something for themselves and their pleasures. All over Istria, you will find sports such as tennis, golf, horse riding, football, cycling, sailing, speleology, basketball courts, and gymnasiums. You can find water sports in every place. Do you want a crazy ride on a Jet-ski or easy kayaking in our sea? You will find everything you want.

Throughout the year, you can watch sports events in all major cities, and in summer also in small communities where mini-football and basketball tournaments are played.

4. Beaches like from the movies

Our wonderfully clean sea is adorned with even more beautiful and rich beaches. Whether you want to spend the whole day on the sand playing “picigin” or sunbathing on an old Istrian stone, you will find it here.

Most of the beaches are landscaped and facilities such as football and beach volleyball courts, trampolines, trampolines on the sea, and beach bars have been added to them.

We recommend the beaches in Pula, Rabac, Rovinj, Poreč.

3. Great food

Istria is famous for wine, prosciutto, olive oil, and especially truffles. No one can remain indifferent when they think of a bowl of freshly made pasta topped with truffle shavings.

In the course of history, Istria belonged to many monarchies and states, and most of all, power changed between the Italians and other nations. Only in 1975 did Italy lose Istria. Due to their historical intertwining, Istria and Italy are very close and similar in many ways. Istria has a rich wine and olive background, in strong competition with Italy.

There are various planned routes along the Adriatic coast where you can visit olive oil factories, and taste and buy products.

Apart from olives, the last Sunday in May is Wine Day, a popular festival when all the local farms and wineries open their doors to anyone who wants to learn more about the winemaking process, taste, and even buy a bottle to take home with them!

2. The special beauty of the landscape specific to Istria

Croatia is simply beautiful, in the end. Always make sure that you have a camera at hand so that you can capture beautiful moments, images of the Istrian homeland, nature, people, history, success, and beauty.

The number 1 reason for visiting Istria must be its wealth of art, interesting history and culture

Although our villas are located in the middle Istria, you can reach anywhere in Istria in about an hour by car, so exploring the area is a must! See the Roman amphitheater, the Roman triumphal arch of the Sergius, and the statue of James Joyce in Pula, the church of St. Eufemia in Rovinj and explore the unusual stone streets in Poreč. Just walking around, you’ll see so many photo opportunities, stunning architecture, and beautiful scenery across the harbor and hillsides. And there are various archaeological sites, museums, collections, and frescoes that you can also see.

If that’s not enough for you, visit the beautiful Brijuni, Limska dolina or Hum, the smallest town in the world.


Whatever you choose to visit, try, or enjoy, you won’t be disappointed.

Spend an ideal vacation in Istria!